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    Loading and unloading of goods
    Warehousing and storage facilities
    Operational support services directly to water transportation
    Operational support services related to transportation
    Rental of machinery, equipment and other tangible items
    Construction of other civil engineering
    Retail motor fuel in specialized stores
    Short-stay services
    Restaurant and catering services working
    Wholesale material, other equipment installed in the building
    Supply and labor management
    Providing food services under contract with the customer infrequent (catering for parties, meetings, weddings ...)
    Activities of amusement parks and theme parks
    Sales of real estate, land use rights of the owner, the owner or lessee to use
    Operational support services directly to rail transport and road
    Công ty Cổ Phần Cảng Cần Thơ
    Địa chỉ: 2 KV Phú Thắng, P. Tân Phú, Q. Cái Răng TP.Cần Thơ
    Điện thoại: +84 292 651 6483 | Fax: +84 2923 91 7395
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